3,14 – The Box Of Qualms (Plusquam Chillout)




Perfectly matching the indoor season on the northern hemisphere here comes an entertaining audio book for psychedelic and intellectual minds. The best thing about it: It’s 100% international, written in the language of music. As the name the artist implies, it is a both mathematical, calculated approach towards Ambient and Downbeat music, and at the same time a mysterious, fractal-like phenomenon that fills the gap in a theoretically never closed circle.


The album is characterized by a great variation, a very entertaining plot. There are hovering pieces of pure psychoacoustic, like the wooden grinding and scratching sounds of Trauma or the surreal Message From Subconsciousness, seeping through a cascade of  bit crushers and reverse effects. These titles are complex sound collages and come along with barely any beats or percussions. On the other hand there are energetic Downtempo tracks like the heady Time Of Sorrow, the angelic choral of How Could They Know or the heavy, danceable beats of the title track The Box Of Qualms. And then there are titles in between, build around beat structures but in a rather subtle and twisted way.


The golden thread is a dark, kind of dissociative atmosphere full of weird sounds and alien harmonies. Whoever opens The Box Of Qualms will find a rich source of Kafkaesque motives and surreal ideas – the perfect supply for a journey inwards, the key to exotic feelings, colourful synesthesia, and funny chains of thoughts that originate from extraterrestrial dimensions.

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