Monthly Archives: January 2013

Gaga – Draw EP (Rococo Records)


    Hungarian Gábor Szabó aka Gaga delivers two high-octane club tools, published exclusively on Rococo Records. Whoever had the pleasure to witness one of his rousing DJ sets, his exciting mixture of Minimal, Techno, and House, knows what that …


V.A. – Summer meets Autum compiled by Anubis (Plusquam Chillout)


It’s kind of funny: Sentimentality and feelings of bliss and ecstasy might appear to be quite different emotions. However, when it comes to music they border on each other. Inspired by both the sweet happiness of summer days and the sentimentality of tautumn, DJ Anubis presents a wonderful collection of Chillout music.


D-Twin – Liquid Blue (Synergetic Records)


Psy Prog lovers should definitely watch out for the two D’s from Greece: Dimitris Panagiotidis aka Enormous Dee & Dimitris Litsakis aka Upsoul are the D-Twins and this release clearly earns them the label “up and coming”!


Orca – Computer Action (Planet BEN Records)


    Looking at a computer as a piece of technological gear, it might appear as quite a rational, pragmatic thing. However, there is a lot of action potential in any central processor unit controlled device, as proven on this …


Jacob – Another Dream EP (Synergetic Records)


Holy macaroni – where did this dude learn how to create such massive sub bass lines! When the beat hits in, just everything starts to vibrate with its rhythm. Jacob walks the line between a modern, dry, and crunchy style, and classic elements as well as a distinctly psychedelic touch.


Plusquam Podcast 007


After taking a short break during the end of the year the Plusquam Podcast is back with another episode that kick starts the year 2013 with some brand new music! Effective is definitely a new Progressive talent to watch out for, there’s a new Psy Prog stomper by Sunstryk in here, and some explosive dance floor stuff from Quantum. Of course, the Chillout culture is also well-represented!