Monthly Archives: October 2012

Seven Sense – Digital Legend (Synergetic Records)


Seven Sense clearly pursue a classic take on Progressive Trance here, combining it with modern rhythm shifts and modern sound quality.


JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink – Stripped Off (Crotus Records)


Arcade Progressive Trance. This is the term that spontaneously comes up to my mind when listening to the new EP by JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink. Please don’t get me wrong – it does not sound cheap or something! It’s just that this sound gives rise to the idea of me walking through an arcade game in the style of Super Mario. Or maybe a rapid racer game like the famous WipeOut…?


Astropilot – Pattern of Awareness (Plusquam Chillout)


Russian producer Dmitry is a true grandmaster of highly emotional melodies, mind-bending overtone harmonies and state-of-the-art psychoacoustics. His remarkable release history, including 7 albums since 2007, is now continued with yet another EP.


SynSUN – Volume One (Planet BEN Records)


SynSUN… what does this name stand for? Synthetic and sunny? Well, at least that would make perfect sense, as this EP is bursting with synthetic harmony and sunny, uplifting vibes! The Ukrainian producer takes his listeners on a trip both backwards, to the origins of Psytrance, and forward, straight towards the middle of the dance floor.


Artist interview: Astropilot


The originally Siberian Ambient genius tells about the severe climate of his home, what inspired him for his recent “Patterns of Awareness” EP, the magic suspense between Chillout and dance music, and which writers, musicians and painters he admires


Nemesis – Space Power


Format: Digital | Release date: 09.11.2012